Body Language Secrets Revealed; How To Look & Feel More Powerful

The amount of confidence you express can have a direct impact on your success. It is essential to exhibit confidence for making new contacts, finding romance, and achieving goals. Unfortunately, everyone experiences times in life when they do not feel confident.  Thankfully, many experts on human behavior are saying that the phrase “fake it until you make it” is, true. Try these tips to help you “fake it until you make it”.

Stand Strong And Be Expansive

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Stand confidently and do not be afraid to take up space. In fact, the more space you take up with your body, the more confident you appear to others. Be graceful, composed and expansive. Stand with your legs about hip or shoulder-length apart, have a proud chest and keep your arms comfortably at your sides. Having a confident stance will not only make you appear confident to others, but mentally, emotionally, and in your body, you will begin to feel more confident as well. Make it a habit to adopt a strong stance and soon you will be doing so without even thinking about it.