Useful Tips To Help You Feel Better About Yourself

Living in the age of social media, where you can instantly connect with friends and family, makes it so much easier to keep in touch. While seeing status updates change from “Single” to “Married,” or news of your friend’s big promotion at work are a call for celebration, it can be just as easy to feel the opposite: pangs of jealousy or anxiety about your own accomplishments in life. Here are a few points to keep in mind to help you deal with these feelings:

Be Specific About What Exactly Is Making You Feel Bad

Avoid generalizing statements such as “I am not accomplished enough” and get really specific about what areas you feel unaccomplished in. Take a pen to paper and journal about what is making you feel unfulfilled. For instance, if you feel like a failure because you do not own a home yet, then put things into perspective. Is it out of lack or trying, or have there been challenges in the way? Your money might be tied up in paying off debts like student loans. Or you may live in an expensive city where home ownership is out of reach for most people. Seeing the reality of the situation may help you understand what could be different, and perhaps worse, if you chose to own a home.