9 White Lies Doctors Hear That Put A Patient’s Health In Danger

A doctor’s main responsibility is taking care of their patients. To do this effectively, they require honest answers to health and lifestyle related questions. Patients may be too embarrassed to disclose an unhealthy habit or simply think it is irrelevant. However, if doctors are unaware of the behaviour, it makes it difficult to for them to provide effective care, and it may even lead them to make decisions that put the patient’s health at risk. Here are nine white lies patients tell their doctors that endanger their health.

Alcohol Intake


Some patients are ashamed to admit how much they really drink, so they lie and tell their doctor that they drink less than they do. This is a dangerous white lie because alcohol can interact with certain medications and either disable their effect or enhance it beyond safe levels. Some doctors are aware of this lie, so they automatically double the amount of alcohol their patients report consuming. According to experts, women are more likely to underreport the amount of alcohol they drink. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase women’s risk of certain diseases, such as breast cancer. As a result, it is important for doctors to have accurate information about how much a woman drinks.