What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a form of water with a different pH level than regular drinking water. PH level is a measurement value between zero and fourteen that represents the degree of acidity of a substance. A very acidic substance would have a pH level of zero, one, or two. Very alkaline substances have a pH level of thirteen or fourteen. Therefore, alkaline water is water with a greater pH level than usual. The standard pH level of regular drinking water is seven and it is eight or nine for alkaline water. Alkaline water also contains minerals with an alkaline pH and negative oxidation-reduction potential, which means the substance acts as an antioxidant, giving an extra electron to reactive molecules that are missing an electron. This process allows these molecules to become more stable and less reactive in the body.

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Natural Versus Artificial


Alkaline water can be naturally alkaline, or it may be put through processes to become alkaline or artificial alkaline water. The chemical makeup of natural alkaline and artificially alkaline water is not the same. Artificially alkaline water is water that has been altered to raise its pH level, but it does not contain the same levels of the corresponding alkaline minerals. It may be difficult to distinguish whether a source or type of alkaline water is natural or artificial because they are advertised similarly. Certain terms that can indicate an artificial process has been used on the alkaline water include purification process, electrochemically activated water, ionizers, remineralizing filters, Kangen water, scientific processes, electrical machine, water alkalizers, carbon filters, enhanced water, and reverse osmosis. The pH level of natural alkaline water is directly correlated with the quantities of minerals present in the water. The health benefit claims that go along with alkaline water are associated with more than just the higher pH level. Without the bioavailable minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, the nutritional and health value of the alkaline water is greatly reduced.

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Whitney Alexandra