The Unexpected Benefits Of Aerial Silks

Aerial silks, also known as aerial contortion and aerial ribbons, is a performance and fitness based activity. This activity involves hanging from a long strand of silk and performing acrobatic moves on the cloth. The performer uses the fabric and wraps, suspends, swings, and spirals their body into many different positions. It is a beautiful form of physical expression, and there are many added benefits of aerial silks. Get to know some of these major unexpected health benefits of aerial silks now.

Increased Flexibility Without Impact

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Being flexible and increasing the body’s flexibility is important because it warms up the muscles and makes them limber. This helps reduce potential injury that can occur in the body. Aerial silks can help increase flexibility in the body with very minimal impact, which happens when the body’s weight is taken off the ground. When the body is not touching the ground, there is no strain on joints or ligaments. Flexibility is gently increased when the body has more freedom to move. Be sure to wear leggings or a body suit to optimize the aerial silks experience and increase flexibility. Avoid wearing jeans and other restrictive items as these items can inhibit range of motion and limit flexibility. Select clothes free of metal and keep hair tied back.

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