Best Natural Alternatives To Acetylsalicylic Acid

While acetylsalicylic acid is known to be relatively safe to use, some individuals might want to consider some natural alternatives to the medicine that can provide many of the same benefits without the side effects. Acetylsalicylic acid is designed to help with reducing fevers and relieving mild or moderate pain from such issues as colds, headaches, and muscle aches. When this medication is consumed, it blocks a natural substance in the body, which causes a reduction in any swelling or pain the affected individual is experiencing. As with all medications, side effects can occur, which can lead to more severe complications. The main side effects of acetylsalicylic acid include heartburn and an upset stomach. It’s also possible to experience more severe side effects, such as issues hearing, bleeding, kidney problems, dark urine, and vomiting. If individuals want to avoid these side effects, there is a range of effective natural alternatives to consider.



Turmeric is a spice taken directly from the turmeric plant. This spice is used commonly in a wide range of Asian dishes and is well known for being used in curry recipes. It comes with a somewhat bitter and strong flavor., which can also be used to enhance butter, cheese, or mustard. Because of its bright orange color, turmeric is a favorite for individuals who want to brighten up certain dishes and make them more aesthetically appealing. The spice can also provide individuals with an array of health benefits. It’s commonly used as a natural remedy for such health problems as headaches, arthritis, joint pain, liver problems, skin inflammation, diabetes, and lung infections. The reason turmeric is so effective is because it includes a chemical known as curcumin, which can help lessen inflammation. A reduction of inflammation typically comes with a lessening of the pain the inflammation caused. As such, any disease or condition that causes inflammation can be treated with turmeric.

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