Causes And Risk Factors For E. Coli Infection

Person To Person


Because some strains of e. coli are contagious, the bacteria can be transmitted via person to person contact. Normal interactions with individuals such as hugging, kissing, sneezing, or coughing typically aren’t risk factors. The true culprits are unsanitary practices and hand to mouth contact. Since this bacteria lingers in the intestinal area, any contact with fecal matter can cause this type of infection. Not properly washing your hands after using the restroom and proceeding to prepare another’s food can result in you infecting them with e. coli even if you aren’t infected. Proceeding with dirty hands after changing a baby’s diaper is also a way to infect yourself. As a preventative measure, always sanitize your hands after touching any degree of fecal matter to avoid infecting yourself or others.

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