Guide To Common Forms Of Alternative Therapy

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is a type of alternative therapy often used to help treat different types of pain. It has been employed in cases of chronic pain, ongoing lower back pain, and headaches. In this treatment, a massage therapist uses their touch to manipulate the soft tissues and muscles throughout the body. The specific area being manipulated depends on the client, their needs, and the type of massage. A massage therapist might work in a variety of different settings including franchised clinics, spas, doctor’s offices, fitness centers, and hotels. Some massage therapists work on a travel basis, going to the offices or homes of their clients. Before undergoing massage therapy, the therapist will typically discuss the client’s medical history, symptoms, and the results they’re hoping for. They will also evaluate the patient’s body to locate tense and painful areas. During the massage treatment, the therapist will manipulate the soft tissues to help relieve tension and stress. They will also provide guidance regarding ways to improve posture, relaxation, stretching, and overall strength.

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