Comparing The Health Benefits Of Cacao Versus Cocoa Powder

Lowers Blood Pressure


According to recent studies, the consumption of cacao and cacao products like cocoa powder lowers blood pressure and increases blood vessel flexibility. A compound in cacao called flavanol works to enhance the production of a blood pressure-lowering substance called nitric oxide. Flavanol also helps the body absorb nitric oxide. This process lowers blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. The reduction in hypertension is due to nitric oxide’s ability to make the blood vessel walls more flexible. The resulting increase in flexibility allows for easier expansion and contraction of the blood vessels. Increased pliability reduces the amount of pressure exerted within the walls of blood vessels and decreases overall blood pressure. Cacao also contains substantial amounts of the mineral magnesium, which is associated with healthy blood pressure. That said, like previous boosts to health, the processing cocoa powder has gone through often reduces the healthy effect.

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