Effects Poor Posture Has On Health

Most individuals have been told at least once in their lifetime to stand up straight or be mindful of their posture. Good posture is known to have an effect on how an individual is perceived (for example lazy or hardworking) and it aids in physical appearance. But posture isn’t just about the way individuals look and bad posture can have a detrimental effect on health. Being mindful of posture can increase physical function, while bad posture ushers in a wide range of adverse physical effects and aggravate pre-existing conditions.

Here are a few of the effects poor posture has on health.

Development Of Poor Circulation


One of the adverse effects of poor posture is the development of poor circulation, which is the result of impeded blood flow. Curving the spine and hunching the shoulders creates an obstruction to the natural blood flow pathways, causing it to slow and in some cases become blocked. This decrease in circulation causes an increase in pressure in the veins throughout the body, but especially in the veins. Poor circulation results in varicose veins, which are swollen veins in the legs that cause pain and discomfort. Poor circulation can typically be resolved through chiropractic treatment and increased focus on proper posture.

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