Gout – Causes, Treatment, Importance Of Diet And Medication

Gout is a condition that is related to arthritis. With gout, uric acid builds up in the blood and collects around a specific joint. Typically, this condition strikes the big toe, but can also appear in the ankle, knee, or on the hands and fingers. Sometimes called the “disease of kings”, gout has a reputation for being caused by overindulgence in rich, fatty foods, chemically-laden meat and fish, copious drinking and relative activities. It is unknown why some people are prone to developing gout, while others are not, although one theory is that genetics play a role.

Symptoms Of Gout

American Academy of Family Physicians

Gout often occurs suddenly and is quite painful. When this happens, inflammation will occur around a joint, causing it to appear red and swollen. Often those suffering from gout will describe it as causing a throbbing pain, gout may also cause a mild to high fever. The amount of time that grout lasts varies case by case, it can range anywhere from a single day to several weeks. Unfortunately, if gout is left untreated it can lead to debilitating pain and discomfort for the patient. It is for this reason that if you think that you might have gout, that you should have it checked by your doctor as soon as possible. Beginning treatment as early as possible will reduce the amount of pain one has to experience.