A Handy Guide To Correcting Bad Posture

Everyone knows sitting and standing up straight makes them look taller and seem more confident, but did you know bad posture can not only take this away, but also have negative impacts on health? It can cause many unpleasant symptoms, from headaches and back pain to gastrointestinal reflux. It can even make you feel tired. When an individual has good posture, their body parts are aligned properly, and it puts the least amount of strain possible on their ligaments and muscles. Bad posture can be a hard habit to break, but by learning certain exercises and tweaking your daily activities, it is possible to re-learn the correct way to sit and stand.

Learn How To Sit Properly


There are quite a few things to keep in mind if you are going to sit properly. First, if at all possible, do not sit in the same position for extended periods. You will want to keep your feet on the floor and your legs uncrossed. If your legs are too short to touch the floor, use a footrest. When sitting properly, your ankles will be directly underneath your knees. It is important your knees are no higher than your hips. Make sure to sit with your shoulders relaxed. Finally, when you learn how to sit properly, you should also make sure your back has ample support. If your chair does not have a way to adjust the level of mid and lower back support, consider buying a special back pillow or other devices to help compensate for this.

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