Health Benefits Of Going Caffeine-Free

Some individuals will claim they can't function without their morning cup of coffee or another sort of caffeine. They might think they're exaggerating, but their dependency can be just as powerful as any other kind of chemical addiction. While caffeine might seem like a pretty innocuous substance, especially compared to things like alcohol or nicotine, it can contribute to many health issues, both mental and physical. When individuals are feeling constantly on-edge and dealing with headaches on a regular basis, they might want to reconsider whether the energy boost is really worth it. To help everyone better understand, these are some health benefits of going caffeine-free.

Lower Blood Pressure


If individuals drink coffee on a regular basis, their blood pressure is unlikely to be affected as a result of their body becoming adapted to the effects of caffeine. However, those who are infrequent drinkers should be mindful of the spikes in blood pressure that can occur. High blood pressure is linked to cardiac problems, strokes, as well as kidney issues. Should an individual have blood pressure they need to keep an eye on, it might be in their best interest to either not drink caffeine or to do so in very limited quantities. They should avoid heavily-caffeinated drinks like espresso or energy drinks. Having lower blood pressure is key to cardiovascular health.

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HealthPrep Staff