Bust A Move: Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You

Good For The Brain


In addition to being good for the muscles of the body, dancing impacts brain function. In addition to acting as a mood booster and decreasing stress, dancing improves mental health by helping to eliminate self-talk while keeping the mind sharp. Cognitive flexibility improves while dancing, particularly since participants must keep track of a lot while they dance, not just the rhythm. Dancers must sometimes learn to coordinate with and anticipate others, which is one reason why it is so mentally engaging.

For those who are older but still want to find time to exercise, dancing can improve balance while significantly decreasing the chances of developing dementia. Knowing the steps is a challenge to the memory as much as doing the steps is a challenge to the body. Though all forms of exercise work the mind, the body, or a combination of the two, no exercise is quite as engaging for the mind as dancing.

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