Bust A Move: Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You

Builds Self-Confidence


Individuals who open their bodies through dance find strength in their hearts as well as their heads. Those who dance, alone or socially, can find their confidence boosted. When individuals dance alone with no one watching, they are much more likely to be themselves and to enjoy the movement of their bodies. Individuals must let go of their ego to build a better one. Dance is the opportunity to communicate with the body and then through the body and with the world.

Dancing helps individuals exercise their confidence at home first. Dancing socially, they develop social skills needed to dance with others, especially through nonverbal communication. Confidence is nonverbal; individuals gain confidence through doing, not saying. Friends can also be encouraging when dancing socially, give a new boost of confidence from the approval that can’t be received when dancing alone. Dance builds self-confidence through combining steps in a cardiovascular workout with creative self-expression.

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