Unexpected Health Benefits Of Feng Shui

The art of feng shui is both ancient and complex, involving a balancing of energies from different elements placed in different areas of the home. While incorporating good feng shui into the home and office is a large task, especially for the newcomer, it offers a broad spectrum of health benefits from the tangibly physical to emotional and mental. Taking the time to balance the spaces you’re in most and derive the most energy from, can improve quality of life and give you the ability to better utilize your energy without having to fight through the negative energy in your environment to do it.

Reducing Injuries From Bumping Into Stuff


Clutter is a detriment to good feng shui. It’s full of confusion, drags your energy down, and stagnates instead of boosting energy. While cleaning up your clutter may be difficult to begin, using your energy in scheduled sessions and attacking each room with a plan can lead to drastic energy benefits for you and anyone else in your home. Along with turning every room in your house into a pleasant place, removing clutter can improve your health through simple, obvious means: it makes it easier to move around. 

Dodging odd end-tables, stepping on objects when you’re not paying attention, or having objects from too-high shelves fall off at unfortunate times are just a few of the more tangible health benefits to practicing good feng shui in the home. In the end, removing clutter from your home means taking out anything that doesn’t belong, either in a particular room or your house as a whole. What you keep needs a proper place that fits with the rest of the room, well out of danger of being a health hazard. In the end, reducing injuries from bumping into stuff is a small but effective step you can take in improving your overall health with feng shui.

Increase Motivation And Determination


Walking into your home at the end of a long workday shouldn’t make you feel more tired than you already were, but this is often the case. Utilizing feng shui well in your home won’t just make you feel less overwhelmed by clutter. A well-balanced home with elements that are both balanced and appealing to you will help balance you and your family, ease weariness, increase energy, and help you feel focused. Along with decorating and reducing clutter, feng shui also promotes having different spaces for different parts of your life. 

Working metal and fire elements in your office will help increase your luck and your productivity while keeping water and earth elements in your home will help promote stability and increase communication with your family. Wellness in your life and determination at work both need to be supported by an open and healthy home and family; ensuring both places are balanced will increase motivation and determination in all aspects of your life.