Health Benefits Of Regular Stretching

Stretching is a great way to start warming up the body before getting into an intense workout. After all, warm muscles help to reduce the risk of injury from doing too much, too soon. No one likes suffering from a pulled muscle or even worse exercise-induced injuries because they forgot to stretch first.

However, many individuals simply believe stretching is for before and after a workout. They never even consider the possibility of stretching when they get up in the morning, which means they are missing out on quite a lot. Stretching every morning, or even just on a regular basis, provides significant benefits. Start reading for the complete details.

Alleviate Back Pain


Many individuals wake up in the morning with a sore back. Sometimes this is a matter of a bad mattress or pillow, or simply sleeping the wrong way that particular night. It may also be the result of tense muscles. In any case, stretching in the morning is a great help in alleviating back pain gained throughout the night. The best stretch to start with once you are sitting up, of course, is lifting your arms above your head as far as you can, clasping your hands, and arching your back. Folding forward and trying to touch your toes also works quite well, as does gently turning at the waist to twist your back.

Continue reading to learn how stretching helps individuals sit up a little bit straighter.