Health Dangers And Risks Associated With Turpentine

Turpentine is a toxic substance that can cause great harm to an individual’s health, particularly when it comes to their lungs. This is because breathing in the fumes from turpentine or products containing the substance, can cause direct damage, both short-term and lasting, to the lungs. Turpentine, unfortunately, is a common additive in different resins, ink, paints, and similar products. It is also commonly used as a paint thinner and to remove paint. Thus, it is vital to read ingredient lists carefully to avoid products containing turpentine as much as possible. Turpentine exposure, particularly of the prolonged variety, poses a significant danger to health. Learn about the major health dangers and risks of turpentine now.

Pulmonary Edema


Turpentine can cause pulmonary edema, a dangerous health condition that will cause individuals to suffer from excessive fluid in the lungs. Heart problems often cause this fluid, but it’s also been associated with exposure to toxins such as turpentine. It can occur over some time, or it can come on suddenly. This is the most dangerous type of edema, as it can be fatal. If it comes on suddenly and without warning, it’s imperative for patients to seek medical attention right away. It’s best to stay away from anything containing turpentine or its oil to best prevent this health issue. If it does occur, patients will notice they suddenly have difficulty breathing. Their breath will be short and fast, and get worse when they’re lying down or being active. Patients will begin wheezing and coughing, skin becomes cold, and lips might become blue.

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