Health Dangers And Risks Associated With Turpentine

Throbbing Headaches


The body reacts quickly when exposed to turpentine. If individuals use too much on a small area of their skin or inhale it, they might experience throbbing headaches. These headaches have the potential to turn from serious headaches to debilitating migraines. There is no set timeframe for how long the headaches will last either. Patients might experience the pain for hours, days, or even off and on for weeks at a time depending on their exposure level. Individuals who use turpentine and develop a headache should call a doctor right away. There’s no harm in taking an over-the-counter medication to try and make the throbbing pain subside for some relief, but patients must still speak to a doctor. In addition to a throbbing headache, patients may also feel dizzy, confused, and have a quickened pulse. They may also feel nauseous. These are all dangerous symptoms of exposure individuals must have checked out right away.

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