The Best Advice For A Healthy Marriage

Often, we hear shocking things that discourage marriage. For example, in the past couple of decades, the divorce rate in the United States increased two-fold for individuals over fifty and tripled for those over sixty-five. However, the fact remains, marriage, when done correctly, can be a rewarding union. But, let’s look past the negative and focus on what makes successful marriages so healthy. If you are inclined to take the leap or if you already have, here are five things that keep marriages healthy, happy, and lasting.

Make Time For Each Other And For Yourself


Many abilities can help a marriage succeed, however, the best ability is availability. When you make time for each other, the relationship will naturally get stronger. How many of your close friends have you stayed close with despite not spending time around each other? Likely, not many. If your desire in life is to do live life on your terms, marriage may not be for you. But, if you are willing to make time for each other, you’ve taken a significant step toward success. With that said, you still need time for yourself. We’ve all heard “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When you have a little time for yourself, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy what makes you, you. How much time you spend together versus apart will vary from couple to couple and should be discussed openly and honestly before making a commitment.

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