Guide To The Healthy Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Mouth Rinse To Kill Germs


Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a mouth rinse to kill germs. It helps remove mucus from the mouth, which can be helpful if individuals are dealing with a condition like postnasal drip. It can also be effective at relieving minor irritation in the mouth, such as irritation caused by gingivitis or canker sores. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with an individual’s mouth, it releases oxygen, which leads to foaming. The foam gathers up dead skin, bacteria, and other germs to help clean and disinfect the area. If individuals use hydrogen peroxide to rinse their mouth, they should mix the solution with equal parts water beforehand. They should swish the solution around their mouth over the irritated area for a minimum of one minute. before spitting it out. Individuals shouldn’t gargle or swallow the product. If they do swallow hydrogen peroxide, they should call Poison Control. Most individuals can rinse their mouth up to four times each day or follow whatever specific instructions they are given by their doctor or dentist.

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