How To Seriously Up Your Self-Love Game

Growing up is not as simple as it used to be. There is so much pressure from media, society, peers and authority figures to be better, achieve more, or be different from what we are. It is easy to suffer from a lack of self-love, which can sometimes translate into a lack of self-care due to giving up since the standards set are impossibly high anyway. Luckily there are a few things you can do to reclaim love for yourself and start feeling worthy again.

Learning To Love Yourself

First, re-evaluate the standards you uphold. You likely internalized them since childhood without question. Perhaps you need to re-learn your priorities and set new standards based on your true principles and beliefs. This means taking time out of each day or week for self-reflection. The most difficult part may be sitting still. It might help to set apart a specific time in your schedule and perhaps try different things to set a more reflective mood. Light a candle or read a bible passage before your start. Start and end your meditation with a prayer of gratitude. Keep a humble and compassionate frame of mind as you self-reflect. Do this as often as possible and you will find yourself more relaxed and in tune with your true desires.