How To Speed Up Your Run Without Even Trying

Sticking to the same running routine can slow one down. It is also possible that certain conditions from the weather, down to the running shoe have a significant effect on how fast one can run. These conditions can be easily controlled and can drastically improve a runner’s speed. Here are some factors besides an athlete’s strength and skill that can affect how fast they can run. Put these to use in your next race and you might just be surprised by the results.

Pick A Day With Cooler Weather

It is has been proven that athlete’s run their fastest on a cold and cloudy day. Even though the weather cannot be controlled, runners can decide when and where they will run. To beat a personal best time, it is best to not race in the middle of the day during a hot summer. Pick a cooler day in the spring or fall instead to compete in a race or to beat a personal time. The time of day should be considered as well: a 7 am start will provide cooler temperatures than an 11 am start.