Is Coconut Oil Truly Good For You?

Is It Healthy To Cook With?


Cooking with coconut oil is more common in desserts and dishes that contain fish or chicken that may be complemented by the coconut aftertaste. The refined version of coconut oil is generally inexpensive and may not have the same coconut smell and aftertaste compared to its raw state. Some cooks use unrefined virgin coconut oil that is cold-pressed to retain the antioxidant polyphenols, which are often recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties. The high smoke point and extended shelf-life of coconut oil make it incredibly useful for greasing pans and for flavor in certain ethnic or exotic dishes. Since olive oil has more solid evidence of its monounsaturated fat health benefits, and the benefits of lauric acid found in coconut oil is still controversial, no one is completely able to answer the question “Is it healthy to cook with?” Cooking with coconut oil largely depends on the cook’s taste and preferences and the recipe they are creating. Coconut oil has many health benefits, but further studies are required to determine if it is the healthiest oil to cook with.

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