Medical Specialists Most Likely To Vote For Trump

Although doctors can be split fairly evenly between the Republican and Democratic parties, recent research conducted at Yale and exhibited in The New York Times shows that a majority of specialties within the medical field tend to lean Republican. This research, according to reports, made use of two sets of data. The first set of data was a list of every doctor in the United States, and the second looked at the registered voters in twenty-nine states and what party they were affiliated with.

With this in mind, let’s look at which medical specialties are most likely to align themselves with President Donald Trump.

Trump Wins With Surgeons


When it comes to party breakdown, the specialty with the highest percentage of Republicans is surgery. The reports indicate about sixty-seven percent of surgeons are registered Republicans, and will, therefore, be supporting Trump in the next election. Why might this be the case? Some of the stereotypes regarding surgeons, which many will claim also play into the Republican party, include being wealthier than average and wanting to keep that wealth to themselves, as well as having a God-complex both in and out of the operating room.

With the majority of surgeons being registered Republicans, famous television doctors Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon with a polarizing reputation and strong personality, and Dr. Andrew Ordon, a plastic surgeon to the stars and co-host of The Doctors, are likely to be Trump supporters. Fictional surgeons from the popular show Grey’s Anatomy who would likely vote for Trump include Dr. Derek Shepherd, a neurosurgeon with an inflated ego and giant God-complex, and Dr. Preston Burke, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Many of these gentlemen are likely wearing red when election time rolls around.

HealthPrep Staff