Most Popular Health-Related Habits People Make

Many individuals start new years by quitting unhealthy habits or changing their lifestyle to improve their overall health. Some common habits individuals struggle to break free of include smoking, drinking, or eating unhealthy foods. Attempts to curb these bad habits and develop better alternatives are becoming more commonplace. Individuals are more health-conscious and aware of the dangers of bad habits like smoking. Making health-related changes like regular physical activity or giving up unhealthy foods have gained in popularity. It’s important to choose activities or lifestyle changes you can realistically incorporate into your routine without becoming overwhelmed. It takes commitment and determination to maintain these changes, but progress can be seen and felt over time for individuals who stick to them. Get to know the most popular health-related habits people tend to try implementing as a positive change.

Get More Exercise

The Running Bug

Physical activity causes a release of endorphins (‘feel good’ chemicals). These chemicals produced by the brain are beneficial in many ways like helping to combat stress and producing an overall sense of well being. There are so many benefits to be gained from exercise. Aside from improving mood, exercise can also sharpen mental acuity, increase muscle mass and bone density, and help manage weight.

There are many different ways to get more exercise and improve your health. Aerobic activity like walking, jogging, or swimming is among them. These activities work the major muscles, including the heart. Individuals who are not able to make it to the gym can take a thirty-minute walk a few times every week and still reap the benefits of exercise. Sticking to an exercise routine can be challenging, so start slow and work your way up. Some individuals find exercising at certain times of the day works best for them, and others may need a workout partner for motivation or accountability. Consistency is essential, and whatever type of activity you choose should be done at least three to four times a week.

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