New Year, New You? Simple Lifestyle Changes to Make This Your Best Year Ever!

The start of a new year brings an abundance of fresh beginnings and unique opportunities for self-improvement. New Year’s resolutions are often daunting, so why not make sure you start your new year off right by improving your already awesome self? Here is a comprehensive list of simple life hacks with the ability to dramatically change your life and improve your mental, emotional, and physical self. Be the best you this year, not a just new you!

Do Some Decluttering


Start the year off by creating a clutter-free zone for yourself. Whether this includes cleaning your favorite room in the house, or the whole house, having a clean space can help you stay productive and focus on other tasks or hobbies you prefer to tackle throughout the day. Studies have shown the more organized someone’s home is, the more optimistic and clear-minded they’ll feel.

Alternative methods for organizing your space, like Feng Shui, teach that there is a direct correlation between an individual’s health and the quality of the energy in their space. For instance, consider the air quality as well as the amount of natural light and colors in a room to create a more vibrant, joyous, and productive home or office space.

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