How To Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Avoid Cross-Contamination


It is important to avoid cross-contamination, defined as unintentionally transferring germs from object to another. It is crucial to keep hands, surfaces, and equipment clean and sanitized to do so, as previously mentioned. Also, avoid keeping cooked food and food ready to be consumed away from raw meat and eggs. Storing them near each other can be dangerous, and it is also important not to prep them on the same surfaces without utilizing the proper cleaning methods beforehand. This means you should use separate cutting boards for things like produce and meats. Also, ensure you are not using utensils that have come into contact with raw meats on other types of foods. Use clean knives for chopping, as well as clean utensils for stirring food. Overall, being well-informed about cross-contamination and practicing the proper procedures can help prevent illnesses in the long run.

Continue reading for information on cooking temperature and foodborne illnesses.

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