Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself Today

There’s more to the whole “treat yo’self” idea than just a fun phrase. In years past, treating yourself might have been viewed as opulent and self-indulgent. However, recent research proves that there is a variety of health – mental and physical – benefits of making time for a little self-care. In fact, depriving yourself of such care and the occasional indulgence can lead to mental health issues, including depression, and contribute to an increased risk of certain lifestyle diseases. If you’ve ever needed a good reason to book that weekend getaway or call in sick for that mental health day, then here are five health benefits that will back you up.

Relax With A Stress-Free Spa Day


Stress is a significant contributor to mental and physical health issues. Allowing yourself a little pampering with a stress-relieving massage and a relaxing spa day can help reduce your stress level and manage your anxiety. In fact, research actually establishes a connection between the frequency of spa visits and better sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism, and fewer hospitalizations.

Massage therapy stimulates lymph flow and improves immune function. Not only that, but better lymph flow naturally eliminates metabolic waste, toxins, and bacteria from the muscles. These benefits work together to reduce muscle soreness and fight off disease, which is enough of a benefit to warrant treating yourself now and then.

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