Side Effects Of Milk Of Magnesia

Nausea And Vomiting


Milk of magnesia may irritate the stomach, and this could trigger nausea and vomiting for some patients. These symptoms are more likely to occur in patients who need to take more than one dose to relieve their constipation. To ease nausea, doctors suggest that patients try to avoid strong odors or flavors, and it can be helpful to go outside for fresh air. Some patients can relieve their nausea by eating peppermint or ginger. Eating bland food such as rice or crackers could be soothing for nausea. If vomiting occurs, patients should make a note of how many times they experience this, and emergency medical attention should be obtained if the vomit is black or bloody. Emergency medical care is also necessary in cases where the patient is unable to keep any food or liquid down at all.

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