Guide To The Potential Side Effects Of Tea Tree Oil

One of the most popular essential oils is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil comes from a native Australian tree and has been used in Aboriginal medicine for thousands of years. Tea tree oil can serve several purposes, including promoting the health of an individual's nails, hair, and skin. However, tea tree oil is also very potent and potentially toxic. Individuals should never ingest tea tree oil, and they should be aware it can have side effects if it is not diluted well enough. Individuals should always use tea tree oil as directed. They should never use it around pets, even in a diffuser, as it is highly toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals. 

Some individuals have used tea tree oil for tooth pain. There are also many options for a tea tree oil acne spot treatment. In addition, patients may find tea tree oil as an ingredient in commercial skin clearing facial wash products. Other individuals will find this essential oil in their shampoo or conditioner for fragrance. Tea tree-based shampoo can benefit the health of their hair as well. However, individuals should understand the side effects of this essential oil first.

Scaly Or Dry Skin


If individuals apply tea tree oil to their skin, they may experience skin irritation. Tea tree oil is a potent substance that will irritate or harm the skin if it is not diluted properly. Even a few drops of tea tree oil in a quart or gallon of water can be very potent. Thus, it is clear that individuals do not need much of it. Individuals are more likely to develop dryness and scaling if they use tea tree oil in higher concentrations. Dry skin occurs when there is not enough moisture on the skin, which causes it to become itchy, cracked, and scaled. 

There are dozens of causes of dry skin. Thus, if individuals notice their skin is scaled or dry in places they did not apply the tea tree oil, the oil might not be the culprit. However, if the patches of scaling or dryness are appearing exclusively in places treated with the oil, individuals may need to use a more diluted concentration in the future.

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Katherine MacAulay