Simple Tips To Prevent Cholera When Traveling

When traveling to third world countries, individuals can easily become infected with cholera. Getting it is a quick way to ruin a vacation. Cholera is usually spread through the water and it is infectious, causing severe diarrhea. If sufficient water and nutrients are not quickly replaced, it could lead to death within just a few hours. A vaccine is available for travelers but it may not prevent them from getting cholera. Individuals can help themselves and their family members avoid it by taking some additional steps.

Individuals need to be aware that it may not be possible to identify someone with cholera, so they should be careful not to interact too much with others and touch them. Patients can spread cholera and not even know that they have it. It may only be visible in as few as five to ten percent of those who have the disease. This is why cholera can be so easily spread to others, which is what happened in Haiti and Nepal not long ago.

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Drink Only Disinfected or Bottled Water


Making sure drinking water is safe is very important because, in a poor country where cholera is present, travelers can almost be certain bacteria are in the water. Cholera is spread through contact with feces and countries that do not have good toilets and sewer systems are prone to have the disease in their water. This makes it very important for individuals to be aware of any water they use at any time while in that country.

To avoid cholera, travelers should only use bottled water with an intact seal. Carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, alcoholic beverages, are also good if the seal has not been broken. If there is water on the outside of the can or bottle, travelers should be sure to wipe it off and let it dry before opening it. Coffee and tea served very hot are usually safe. Drinks sold in cups may not be safe. A good rule to follow is to drink only disinfected or bottled water. Travelers should avoid using ice in a restaurant because they do not know how it was made. Travelers should not use local water to brush their teeth or wash with as well.

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