The Most Common Guilty Pleasures

Everyone needs some downtime now and then to pamper themselves or engage in a behavior that is not always considered the most productive use of time. These indulgences are known as guilty pleasures and everyone has at least one they give in to on a regular basis. Here are some of the more common ones many people seem to share.

10. Reality TV

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What started as just a few shows, seems to now be over-taking television sets everywhere. Between Survivor, The Bachelor, American Idol, and countless others, there are reality shows on almost every network and they come in a wide variety of forms. Topics range from dating, extreme sports, baking, or crazy competitions, so viewers are guaranteed to find at least one show targeted towards their preferred niche.

Reality television is fine to indulge in, as long as one does not lose their grip on actual reality. It can affect a person’s perception on life if it becomes an obsession and, despite claims of being completely genuine, most reality shows have a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes.

Rick T