These 6 Powerful Health Supplements Can Make A Positive Difference In Your Life

There are plenty of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements out there to help people get the nutrients they need for optimal health. Although it is possible for people to get all the nutrition they need from the food they eat, supplements can help to fill in gaps. Many people are familiar with multivitamins and standalone supplements, such as calcium pills, vitamin C supplements, and fish or flaxseed oil capsules. However, it is not always easy for women to know which supplements are the best ones to take. Women can identify which supplements to prioritize by checking out this list of six powerful supplements that have been formulated specifically for women.

Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin By Curls


Health experts have always known that a healthy, well-balanced diet can improve the condition of hair and skin. Certain vitamins, particularly vitamins D and B, are linked to hair growth and hair health. Studies have shown that vitamin D improves hair growth and thickness by creating new hair follicles. Research also suggests that vitamin D helps wake up dormant follicles. Vitamin D is naturally found in many foods, including fish, low-fat fortified milk, whole grains, and mushrooms. Some health experts also note that vitamin B (for example vitamin B12) helps condition and strengthen hair. Vitamin B is present in such foods as eggs, soybeans, meat, nuts, avocados, legumes, whole grains, dark leafy greens, and carrots. Women who plan on taking vitamin D or vitamin B supplements should consult with their doctor about the appropriate amount to take to avoid complications.