How To Treat An Infected Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a fun and exciting experience for many individuals, until things go wrong. A tattoo may seem like a simple procedure, but there can be many complications afterward. One post tattoo complication is an infection. Tattoo infections are caused by germs entering the body through the newly broken skin. If a new tattoo is followed by fever, prolonged pain, puss at the tattoo site, or vomiting, an infection has likely set in. Whether the infection is caused by bacteria, a virus, infected ink, or an ink allergy, there are a few common treatments that can help treat and heal an infected tattoo.

Ice And Elevation

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Ice and elevation is a simple first line of defense to help ease the pain of an infected tattoo. Ice can reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by the infection and stop bleeding within the tissue. Elevating the infected area above the heart will also keep inflammation down and ease internal bleeding. Keeping these symptoms at bay can help stop the tattoo from bruising. An easy method is to wrap an ice pack in a thin cloth, apply it to the tattoo, and raise the infected area on pillows while icing. Ice for ten to twenty minutes at a time, and keep the tattoo elevated as much as possible, even without ice.

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