How To Treat And Prevent Peeling Nails

Proper Nail Care On A Regular Basis


Most individuals do not know what proper nail care on a regular basis entails, but using the proper techniques and being consistent can help prevent peeling and weak nails. One example of proper nail care is to use a pair of sharp clean nail clippers or nail scissors to trim the nails across the uppermost region of the nail weekly to prevent the nails from growing into the skin at the corners. Trimming down to where no white is visible is okay, however, caution should be taken to ensure the nails are not trimmed too short. In addition to clipping the nails weekly, it is also good nail care to smooth the borders of the fingernails so they don’t snag on linens or clothing. A rounded nail shape with no sharp edges is the best shape to prevent breaks and peeling. It is also a good practice for an individual to apply cuticle oil or coconut oil to their cuticles if the area is frequently dry or tend to fray. It is okay to occasionally buff the nails, however, it is important to only do so in one direction, as the nail plate can get thinned out if a back and forth motion is used.

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