Treating And Preventing Caffeine Overload

Get A Gastric Lavage

New York Magazine

A gastric lavage is another potential option for individuals who have already begun to digest a physically dangerous amount of caffeine. This treatment is more commonly referred to as a stomach pump, and it is a fairly common method of dealing with all types of overdoses. The process starts out with the healthcare professionals passing a tube through the nose or mouth to reach the patient’s stomach. They then repeatedly add warm water or a saline solution to the stomach and use a siphon to remove it. This essentially washes out the stomach and removes caffeine before the patient’s system can absorb more. This method is useful for severe cases of caffeine overload because it helps to quickly get the caffeine out of the patient’s system. Once individuals get a gastric lavage, they may need breathing support, intravenous hydration, or heart monitoring to ensure the caffeine they have already absorbed does not continue to cause issues.

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