Ways To Prevent And Treat Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are different than razor burn, although both result from shaving. These small, itchy bumps are often red and swollen, resulting from ingrown hairs that get trapped after shaving. Anyone who shaves is susceptible to razor bumps, although individuals with sensitive skin and curly hair are more likely to experience the condition. The good news is there are many ways to treat and prevent razor bumps. With a little bit of care, once a current case of razor bumps is gone, there is no reason for them to return. Read about the best methods of treating and preventing razor bumps now.

Throw Out Dull Razors


The biggest offender of razor bumps is a dull razor. Although it is almost invisible to the eye, a used blade has dull spots and jagged edges that are more likely to irritate the skin and shave unevenly. Thus, individuals should throw out dull razors immediately. Even better, when using cheaper disposable razors, individuals should consider using a fresh razor for each shave. Otherwise, a high-quality razor and changeable blades are the keys. While it might seem like razors and their blades are all the same, some are going to be better than others. Individuals should examine their choices at a local pharmacy and evaluate the different features, including the number of blades, blades designed for sensitive skin, and the presence of moisture strips. Sometimes more blades are necessary, and sometimes they are not, which is often the case with most features. Thus, the appropriate razor may be different for different users.

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