What Actually Happens When You Drink Only Water For 30 Days

August 10, 2022

Water makes up two-thirds of the human body. It also influences the processes of the body and drinking a sufficient amount of clean water daily helps maintain a healthy body. The most common advice heard is everyone should consume eight glasses of water each day, but the reality is everyone has different water needs. Athletes, for instance, will typically require more water than others because they sweat more and need to replace lost fluids. It is important for individuals to drink the optimal amount of water for them, which they can determine based on their own research as well as conversations with a doctor. Going for thirty days drinking only water but not making any other diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes can yield amazing results.

Strengthened Immune System

Drinking water can help individuals get over many illnesses, including the common cold. Drinking only water for thirty days can also act as preventative medicine, as water helps the body function and eliminate toxic substances from blood and supports the optimal functioning of the cells, tissues, and organs. Drinking only water for thirty days can help prevent kidney stones and other illnesses, and aid in the pain management of headaches and body aches. Studies have shown drinking plenty of water reduces the risk of death from coronary heart disease, whereas drinking soda and juice has been shown to increase the risk. Even simply gargling with water can help ward off infections during cold and flu season.

Improved Heart Health

Reports indicate if individuals only drink water for roughly thirty days, there will be a significant positive impact on the health of their heart. This is because water helps thin the blood and lower blood pressure, which decreases the risk of a heart attack. Researchers have shown drinking just one glass of water one hour before going to bed every day can prevent a stroke or a heart attack. Water encourages freshly oxygenated blood to travel to the heart, which wards off strokes and heart attacks. Individuals who consume five or more glasses of water per day are forty-one percent less likely to experience a heart attack leading to death than those who drink less than two glasses per day. Drinking plenty of water also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

Slowed Aging

Drinking only will also slow down the aging process because the skin will be well-hydrated and plump. Well-hydrated skin means wrinkle-free, soft, and glowing skin. Drinking water for thirty days will also help individuals maintain muscle tone and keep themselves energized, both of which are signs of youthfulness. Drinking plenty of water benefits individuals from the inside out, protecting joints by ensuring the cartilage around the joints are lubricated and supple. Cartilage is eighty-five percent water, so to help prevent injury and get the most out of a workout, individuals should drink plenty of refreshing water. Drinking only water for thirty days will keep individuals looking and feeling young in these important ways.

Increased Weight Loss

By drinking only water, individuals will remove many harmful toxins and waste products from their body, which will, in turn, help reduce belly fat. In the beginning, drinking plenty of water may cause weight gain, but that is just the body retaining water as it learns to adjust to a greater intake of water. Water also helps individuals lose weight by acting as an appetite suppressant, causing them to crave and eat less. Studies have shown drinking only water for thirty days will boost an individual's metabolism regardless of their dietary choices. The simple act of drinking sixteen ounces of water upon waking in the morning will boost metabolism by twenty-four percent.

Improved Creativity And Cognitive Performance

The brain needs plenty of oxygen to efficiently operate, and water is one of the brain's greatest sources of oxygen. By replacing all other drinks and only drinking water for a month, individuals will boost their brain's performance, giving it what it needs to react faster, think more clearly, and focus more sharply. Drinking only water will refresh an individual's mind so much that their mood will improve, and allow them to see more of life, including from different, fresher perspectives. Mild dehydration has been shown to impact mood and cognitive functioning negatively, but drinking eight to ten cups of water per day for thirty days will significantly improve an individual's mood, creativity, and cognitive performance by up to thirty percent.

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