Wine Can Improve Gut Health!

Ever wondered if that glass of wine is healthy? New research has confirmed that yes, wine is indeed beneficial to one’s health, particularly the digestive tract. So raise a glass and toast to health and drink in all the knowledge of how wine can be highly beneficial for a healthy gut now.

The Study’s Proposal

The Bump

Moderate consumption of wine may be able to improve cognitive function via pathways from the gut, according to a recent study published in the academic journal, Frontiers of Nutrition. The study showed that consuming low to moderate levels of red wine delayed the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This study is the first of its kind to show that wine compounds are protective against neuronal death by first passing through the digestive tract.

Instead of concentrating directly on wine, the authors of the study focused on the compounds left over after the wine passed through the gut, which is known as wine-derived human gut metabolites. Researchers collected samples of the metabolites from samples of participant’s feces and urine. Then, to explore their neuronal effect, researchers added the samples to human cells that were placed in stressful situations that would typically lead to cell death or dysfunction, which are related to the early stages of many neurodegenerative diseases.

Next, discover the results of the test and what this means for wine connoisseurs.