How Yoga Nidra Improves Sleep

Yogic sleep, also called yoga nidra, is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to provide a person with a sense of calmness and relaxation. Yoga nidra also remains one of the easiest types of yoga to practice. Numerous mental and physical benefits come with the regular practice of this ancient method of meditation. Everyone has stresses in their life and needs a safe way to relax. Some of these stresses can’t be dealt with in a day or two. So to prevent both the mental and physical damage that can come to any individual due to stress, learning to routinely practice yoga nidra is something everyone can benefit from learning. What is yoga nidra? It is a form of guided meditation.

Anyone of any age can practice yoga nidra. Most individuals lie on the floor to participate in the practice, but yoga nidra can be done seated, too. A person can’t do this style of yoga incorrectly, even if they fall asleep. During the practice, you’ll get to know yourself better and gain the ability to enjoy deep, restorative relaxation.

What Is Yoga Nidra?


Yoga nidra is the yogic practice where the mind, spirit, and body experience a state of being between waking and sleeping. During this practice, it has been said the body and mind enter a place where the dream state and reality can communicate with each other. Individuals who experience this state can feel they are more physically and mentally aligned, and can understand themselves better. The practice serves as an antidote to modern life’s frequent fight or flight situations. The other part of the practice that helps individuals feel more in tune with themselves is using a personal intention when meditating. One of the primary goals of practicing yoga nidra is to understand your purpose for life and gain a higher calling in life. Individuals using this practice experienced a meditation that was like dreaming, sleeping and wakefulness combined. Yoga nidra can be done by nearly anyone nearly anywhere. Plus, it takes little to no financial resources to routinely practice this discipline.

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HealthPrep Staff