Cortisone Injections: Ways It Rejuvenates Your Life

Cortisone has been used for many years to help support numerous health conditions. It can make skin glow, relieve pain, and ease swelling. Injections of this medication have received mixed reviews from critics and those in the medical community, as it is not for everyone. But in quite a few instances, patients who receive cortisone injections find the health benefits outweigh the risk of side effects, or the side effects they actually experience. Many individuals can experience health benefits without significant side effects provided they work with a responsible doctor and they follow the instructions they are given.

With this in mind, take a look at the health benefits linked to cortisone injections now.

Back Pain


Used predominantly for severe cases such as sciatica or spinal stenosis, cortisone injections ease back pain temporarily rather than cure it permanently. For lower back pain related to sciatica, epidural injections can help prevent nerve roots from spreading the discomfort by aiming for that area, as these nerves affect other parts of the body. Procaine hydrochloride numbs the area and will wear off, so it is quite useful when short-term pain management is desired.

Although not life-threatening, acne can be a nuisance and damage an individual's self-esteem. Uncover how cortisone injections can effectively treat this skin condition and boost self-esteem next.

HealthPrep Staff