Health Benefits Of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Reduces High Blood Pressure In Pregnant Women


Some doctors believe impairments in the body’s ability to properly use nitric oxide may contribute to the development of hypertension. Studies suggest vasodilators like nitric oxide allow blood to flow through vessels more easily and enable the heart to pump with less force. Research into the effect of nitrates and flavonoids on blood pressure has produced encouraging results. For example, a 2017 meta-analysis of studies on beetroot juice, a popular source of nitrate, discovered that nitrates reduced systolic blood pressure by an average of 3.55 mmHg, and diastolic readings were reduced by roughly 1.32 mmHg. Studies indicate nitrate supplements may be particularly beneficial for controlling blood pressure during pregnancy. For example, research conducted in 1999 on sixty pregnant women found having higher levels of nitric oxide had a protective effect against hemoconcentration and platelet aggregation for women with preeclampsia, a condition that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy. A 2018 case study from Ghana reported that healthy pregnant women had significantly lower blood pressure and significantly higher nitric oxide levels compared to healthy females who were not pregnant during the study. The study authors indicated nitric oxide may be involved in the vascular adaptation of the body during pregnancy. Patients who are pregnant should have their blood pressure monitored frequently by their doctor, and it may be beneficial to use an at-home monitoring device as well. Patients should always speak with their physician before adding nitrate supplements or any other supplements to their diets during pregnancy.

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