10 Signs Of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is something nearly everyone will deal with at some point in their lives. Stressful events like job interviews, public speaking, or difficult life experiences like financial difficulties and relationship issues can cause nervousness and anxiety. For some, dealing with anxiety is a constant battle, at levels almost impossible to manage. It is not always clear whether a person suffers from anxiety disorder as there are many symptoms, not all of which manifest in every case. Any of the following symptoms, if experienced on a regular basis, may indicate an anxiety disorder.

Sleep Problems

There are many reasons why someone might have trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep. Causes of restless sleep or insomnia include both physical and psychological reasons. Momentous occasions or stressful circumstances, such as job interview or a milestone event, can also result in a restless or disturbed sleep. However, if a person finds themselves consistently having trouble falling asleep, this may be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Often, this sleeplessness will take the form of lying awake over-thinking specific issues, like money or relationship problems, but it is also possible that the anxiety will take no specific form. One might suspect an anxiety disorder if he or she wakes up with a racing mind, unable to calm down on a consistent basis.