Effective Coping Techniques to Use When You Are Feeling Down

Depression is a serious mental illness characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness in the individuals it affects. It often also results in a loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed. Depression is hard to snap out of. It is an energy drainer and can affect many personal and professional relationships. The key to overcoming depression is to make small changes and positive choices daily. It takes action to fully recover from depression. Sometimes the mere thought of doing things to help break the mood is exhausting. Starting with a few small goals and slowly building up is the best technique anyone can use when they are feeling blue.

Confide In Others


It is hard to fight depression alone. In fact, one of the lies depression tells the individuals it affects is that they are alone. This is not the case, and isolation can make things worse. Thus, patients with depression should try to create relationships with others to ensure there is a support system handy when needed. They should consider turning to friends and family members who are loving and caring enough to confide in. Even if a night inside sounds better than going out, it is worth it to make an effort to go out and be social, at least on occasion. There are also support groups available for those dealing with depression.

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Heather Hanks