Realities For People Living With Anxiety Disorder

Living with an anxiety disorder is about more than feeling nervous or stressed on occasion. Those with anxiety are prone to intense feelings of being unwell and constant worry, even when nothing seems to be going wrong. This can lead to problems ranging from trouble sleeping to difficulty interacting with or being around others, even in situations like going to the grocery store. There are also several types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic disorders. This article will address how anxiety disorders affect the lives of countless individuals.

Feeling Anxious For No Reason


Anxiety is rarely welcomed, but there is something of a silver lining when the cause can be pinpointed, like an upcoming job interview or school exam. For those with anxiety disorders, feelings of unwellness can often seem like a cruel joke. Everything might be going perfectly well in their day to day lives, but they cannot quell the sense something terrible is happening or is going to happen. They realize how irrational their thoughts are, but they still feel restless and afraid. Anxiety is not a mystery that can be easily solved.

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Kelsey Rawson