Beginner’s Guide To Self-Care For Mental Health

Physical Self-Care


Physical self-care tends to be the most straightforward type of self-care. It’s built on the principle that an individual’s body should be well-nourished and given the right resources to function. The three overarching aspects of physical self-care are sufficient rest and sleep, proper exercise, and good nutrition. Once individuals have met these needs, they can use other activities to take care of their body. Depending on an individual’s overall health and preferences, they might enjoy massages, long baths, breathing exercises, physiotherapy, and other activities. For able-bodied individuals, physicians generally recommend at least thirty minutes of exercise at least three to four times a week, with additional sessions being ideal. Many individuals go to the gym or start running around their neighborhood even if they don’t particularly like the activity. But with physical self-care, the exercise individuals engage in should be one they enjoy. Other suggestions aside from running include hiking, swimming, biking, and even dancing.

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