Body Dysmorphic Disorder: 8 Ways To Treat This Disease

Body dysmorphic disorder, also known as body distortion, is a condition characterized by an extreme obsession over one’s weight or appearance. People with body dysmorphic disorder are mainly concerned with how others view them, even if the parts of their appearance they are concerned with are greatly exaggerated or perceived inaccurately. According to the Body Dysmorphic Foundation, the disorder can affect both men and women. Symptoms include intense feelings of distress and anxiety over body parts that are problematic, obsessive thinking, social isolation, and extremely controlling behavior. Here are eight ways to treat the disease.

Write Down Fears

Journaling is a good way to determine what the driving cause of body dysmorphic disorder is. For some people, it could be coming from a family history of obesity, anxiety, or being teased as a child for imperfections. The next step is to get rid of everything in one’s life that contributes to feelings of low self-esteem. This may include donating clothes that do not fit properly and creating distance between friends or relatives who increase feelings of not being good enough.