How Much Anxiety Is Too Much and How Can Millennials Cope With The Struggle?

Millennials are reportedly under more stress than previous generations, according to recent studies. The National Institute of Mental Health estimated that approximately thirty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine suffer from anxiety. When compared to older acquaintances reports, millennials are also more likely to experience higher degrees of loneliness and social isolation, which leads to an increased risk of self-harm, obsessive behaviors, substance abuse and eating disorders. Here is what went wrong with today’s generation and a proposition on how to fix it.

A Generation Of Overprotected Individuals

According to experts, millennials are a generation of people who have never actually learned how to cope with stress, because they were shielded from it for the majority of their upbringing. Dr. Peter Gray of Boston College stated that a significant contributing factor is that Millennials were raised by over-protective parents who shielded them from adult-free playtime. It is arguable that with parents always around to break up fights, preventing their kids from getting hurt, and interfering with social environments, children of this generation were not properly taught how to become successful adults.