Guide To The Importance Of Mental Health

Mental health is a term that encompasses an individual’s social, psychological, and emotional well-being. The ways individuals feel, act, and think are influenced by their mental health. Mental health impacts how individuals communicate, make decisions, and cope with stress. Regardless of an individual’s circumstances or age, mental health is important. Many individuals experience mental health problems at some point during their lives. Some of these issues are chronic, while others last for only a short period. Mental health issues are influenced by life experiences, brain chemistry, genetics, and family history. Most mental health issues are highly treatable through medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Individuals need to understand mental health and how to protect their own over time.

What Mental Health Entails


There are three overall factors under the mental health umbrella. The first is cognitive wellbeing, which refers to the health of an individual’s thoughts. The abilities to reason, think critically, make logical decisions, and identify needs are all included. An individual with good cognitive wellbeing can perceive the world and respond to it rationally. They don’t make assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling without evidence. The second aspect of mental health is emotional wellbeing, which, as the name suggests, involving emotional health. The emotions individuals feel are just one part of it. A mentally healthy person experiences appropriate emotional responses to their environment. Another part of it is the self-awareness to recognize one’s emotions. This ties into the third aspect of mental health, behavioral wellbeing, which is the way an individual’s thoughts and emotions are translated into action. An individual’s behavioral wellbeing affects how they form relationships, have conversations, express feelings, deal with stress, form habits, and anything else that involves interacting with the world.

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